Qinchuan edited 2 national standards; participated in the compilation of over 10 national standards related to gas meters, IoT, smart cities and network information security;

Participated in the formulation of “The New Smart City Development White Paper (2018)" issued by the National Smart City Standardization group, the "IoT Standardization White Paper (2016)" and "The IoT Standardization White Paper (2018)" issued by the National IoT Basic Standards Working Group;

Qinchuan was selected as a "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by the National Intellectual Property Office, obtained over 120 national invention patents, 3 US invention patents, 2 EU invention patents, over 80 national utility model patents, and 1 Japan utility model patent, over 100 computer software copyrights.

Qinchuan’s self-developed "IoT smart gas meter and its operating system", "IC card smart gas meter intelligent control technology", " two-way non-blocking gear drive special electro-mechanical valve for gas meters" were identified as " Internationally leading Science and Technology Achievements".

2018 World Internet of Things Ranking List Excellent Enterprise



        On October 20-21, 2018, the 2018 World IoT Conference was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The conference announced the 2018 World IoT Top 500 companies. The top 500 companies are selected from thousands of IoT companies around the world, covering industry, sensors, agriculture, RFID, logistics IoT, healthcare, cloud computing, big data, transportation, environmental protection, robots, chips, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, energy, smart hardware and terminals, network communications, etc. Qinchuan was on the list, ranking 392th.






Top 1000 Chinese Enterprises with Innovation Ability

    In 2017 and 2018, Qinchuan was selected as one of the “Top 1000 Chinese Enterprises with Innovation Ability” released by Renmin University of China. It was the only company selected in the gas meter industry.

    This ranking provides a comprehensive evaluation of the innovation capabilities of all high-tech enterprises in China. It is the largest and most up-to-date ranking of corporate innovation capabilities in China, with four distinctive features. First, the coverage is wide, and it has full coverage of all high-tech enterprises in China. Second, the evaluation indicators are rich, including not only the patent number and patent quality indicators, but also indicators such as innovation value diffusion and innovation network promotion. The third is that it has a novel concept and uses a number of digital technologies such as big data and web crawlers to accurately extract indicator information such as trademarks and network popularity. Fourth, the basic data is detailed and reliable. The ranking is based on the "Database of Chinese Enterprises' Innovation Capability", supported by basic data with complete information and reliable quality.

National Torch Program Project 




   Qinchuan undertook the 2015 National Torch Program Project "IC Card Smart Gas Meter Product Upgrade and Industrialization Demonstration", developed "IC Card Smart Gas Meter" was identified as an "International Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement” by the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department.







Top 100 Key Cultivating Enterprises in Chengdu’s New Economy



        Qinchuan IoT has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Key Cultivating Enterprises in Chengdu’s New Economy” in 2018 and 2019. This honor was awarded by the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee & City Government and Chengdu’s New Economy Committee. It focuses on the “six major economic forms” and comprehensively considers enterprise factors such as valuation, operating conditions, and industry influence, selected among unlisted companies. Most of the companies on the list are related to hard technologies such as big data, smart hardware, and artificial intelligence.



Excellent IoT Enterprise

Sichuan Best Innovation Award for small and Medium Enterprises

Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center

Academician Expert (Innovation) Workstation

120+ National Invention Patents

3 US invention Patents

2 EU Invention Patents

100+ Software Copyrights