Qinchuan models TC-G1.6, TC-G2.5, TC-G4 are mechanical temperature conversion diaphragm gas meters with built-in mechanical gas temperature conversion device are highly improved gas meters low and high temperatures adaptability.

Qinchuan patent (CN203732122 U) principle on Built-in mechanical gas meter of gas temperature conversion device achieves the gas temperature conversion through changing cyclic volume to make each cycling period metering value are the same at different temperatures.

Qinchuan owns three patents on its diaphragm gas meters, one is patent on platform for detecting angle (patent no.: CN201242422 Y) and the other is patent on oscillating quantity detecting device of counter adjusting gear (patent no.: CN202770509 U), which are the core technologies of basic gas meter, achieving the error of indication ± 1.0%.

Another is the patent on Joint welding device for gas meter (patent no.: CN 202824969 U). Most of the basic gas meters on market adopt to rivet connection,Qinchuan adopts to Resistance welding connection guarantees superior air tightness and connection reliability.