Qinchuan patent (CN101907194B) on bidirectional blockage-free gear-driven special Electro-mechanical valve for gas meter has been recognized as the international hi-tech leading products.

Currently, the electro-mechanical valve intelligent gas meter on market used generally through the motor forward and reverse rotation of the worm gear drive, while the push bar in the worm tank movement to achieve valve opening and closed, but such a structure without unloading means is, reverse in place after the stall, and the load is too large, this will cause the control circuit current, large power consumption. And can also affect the reliability of the main controller valve control circuit, shortening the controller battery life and shut valves used in energy storage capacitor value will be very large. Qinchuan electro- mechanical valve is through the motor forward and reverse rotation of the fan drive gear to rotate, to attempts to prevent the transfer and rapid shutdown feature.