Remote intelligent-control IC card gas meter


Qinchuan models AMR-CG-L-G1.6, AMR-CG-L-G2.5, AMR-CG-L-G4, AMR-CG-L-G6,AMR-CG-L-G10, AMR-CG-L-G16, AMR-CG-L-G25, AMR-CG-L-G40 are remote intelligent-control IC card gas meters, which are the Qinchuan IC card intelligent gas meter with telecommunication functions.

With variable functions of prepayment management, real-time pricing, ladder pricing, meter status diagnose and report optional, Qinchuan remote intelligent-control IC card gas meter Wireless read the meter by pulsar, text message or internet.

Qinchuan patent (CN102117519 B) IC card intelligent gas meter adopts to the dynamic key cryptography, which means the card ID, meter ID and software ID have to completely matching at each operation to guarantee the meter communication and information security. In regard to its leading technology, the product has been recognized as the international hi-tech leading products.

Valve is the most important component of intelligent gas meter which determines intelligent gas meter's quality and reliability. Qinchuan patent (CN101907194B) on bidirectional blockage-free gear-driven special electro-mechanical valve for gas meter, a special design on valve which solve the locked-rotor current problem of worm drive valve, minimize the open/close valve current to 40mA, limit the internal leakage of meter less than 10mL. All these parameters are highly superior of the international standards.